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Since 1989 LOMO manufactures reliable, easy to use and maintain submergible endoscopes sold in many countries. Our insertion tubes are fabricated at Olympus built technological line; our leading technicians have been also factory trained by Olympus. The R&D Department is staffed by specialists with extensive engineering and clinical experience. In the last year we have started development of a veterinary product line.


Product Code GDB-VO-G-12 GDB-VO-G-10 KB-VO-G-10 B-VO-3
Designation: Pediatric gastroscope Gastroduodenoscope Colonoscope Bronchoscope
Working diameter 8.9 mm 11.7 mm 13.6 mm 5.9 mm
Working length 1040 mm 1035 mm 1450 mm 550 mm
Direction of view 0
Field of view 100
Working distance range 3100 mm 350 mm
Working channel diameter 2.0 mm 2.8 mm 3.7 mm 2.0 mm
Distal tip bending angle Up 180 180 160
Down 90 130
Right 100 160

LOMO also makes and sell quality OEM repair parts and components.

Home -> Products -> Endoscope